The Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) is the country’s first-ever and only professional surfing tournament. Patterned to the Word Surf League, surfers from all over the Philippines tour around different surf spots to battle for the top spot in the national ranking.


To have a stage for professional surfing in the Philippines that follows International Surfing Association (ISA) standards of competition, preparing Filipino athletes for the international stage while promoting camaraderie and unity of the surfing community.


  • To identify the country’s cream of the crop through a national ranking which shall be based on the athletes’ performance in the league and guide the further selection of country representatives to international leagues and the Olympics;

  • To elevate the standards of local competitions and develop surfing as a professional sport in the Philippines, recognized by both the government and private sectors;

  • To promote Filipino surfers as world-class athletes;

  • To promote Philippines surf spots as premiere surf and travel destinations, thereby enhancing local surf tourism while increasing foreign tourist arrivals;

  • To help provide talented Filipino surfers exposure to companies who can assist them in the development of their professional surfing career;

  • To inspire young and up-and-coming surfers to develop their skills and competitive caliber to international standards;

  • To conduct the tournament with professionalism and integrity and in an environment cultivating a sense of community, friendship, and healthy competition.


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It takes a tour to make a champion. It takes a lot of support to make a tour.

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